Sewer Line Repair

You may need sewer line repair if you’ve been having ongoing drainage problems, frequent back-ups or any other sewage or drain issues over a period of time. Sewer lines that are heavily corroded, poorly routed or have breaks, sagging areas or root damage should be repaired or replaced to ensure proper drainage.

A sewer camera can be used to inspect and identify problem areas in your drain line, and will help pinpoint the precise location where repairs are needed. The line can then be accessed and repaired or replaced. If necessary, we can install sewer line clean-outs for easy access in the future.

Any portion of your drain line can be accessed for repair, even if it’s running underground or in the slab. You may need to repair a specific section of the line, multiple sections, or you may need to replace the whole line. An experienced plumber will have to determine the extent of your sewer line problems and what is needed to correct them.

Our plumbers have vast experience with drain and sewer line problems of all kinds and can provide quick diagnoses and repair of your broken or damaged lines. Most sewer line repairs can be completed in a single afternoon, depending on the circumstances.

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