Drain Cleaning Service

If you’re any one of your tubs, sinks or showers are slow to drain or won’t drain at all, professional drain cleaning service is the solution. Having your drains cleaned by a professional is a sure way to to remove the objects, build-up or debris responsible for poor drainage or back-ups and help prevent further problems.

Sometimes drains are slow or become clogged over a period of time as common waste is drained from tubs, showers, toilets and sinks. Soap residue, grease, hair and food particles are often the cause of slow-running drains. But some drains are slow or stopped-up because of a foreign object lodged or trapped somewhere in the drain line. Baby wipes and hygiene products, large accumulations of hair and excessive amounts of food waste are responsible for the vast majority of drain stoppages. Roots from nearby trees and hedges can also cause drainage problems and frequent back-ups.

Whatever’s causing your drains to run slow or back-up, we can get to the bottom of it quickly, gain access to the affected area and clear it in under few hours, in most situations. We offer drain snake service, hydro jetting, sewer line inspection and repair and drain service of all kinds—whatever it takes to get your drains running free and clear!

Our drain cleaning service covers all types of drains:

• kitchen and bathroom sinks
• tubs, showers and toilets
• laundry and utility drains
• main sewer lines and more

Call us today to have your drains inspected and cleaned by an experienced professional. We can have your all drains running like new again in a single visit.

Call Town & Country Plumbing at (760) 744-8672 for professional drain cleaning service, anywhere in the North County.