Faucet Repair

If any of your faucets are broken, leaking or having any other kind of issues, you may not have run out and buy a new one just yet. Our faucet repair service covers a variety common problems to help you avoid replacement and save time and money.

Our knowledgeable plumbers are experts in all areas of faucet repair, from troubleshooting and maintenance to restoration and complete rebuilds. We’re familiar with all major brands and models, and can repair and get parts for just about any faucet out there, even older model faucets that are out of production.

You should call for faucet repair if any of your faucets:

• Are leaking from anywhere on the fixture
• Are damaged or have any broken parts
• Do not mix hot and cold water properly
• Do not turn on or off properly
• Have a poor stream or flow

Whether it’s a kitchen faucet, bathroom faucet, tub and shower faucet or any other kind of faucet, we can identify the problem quickly and resolve it for you, one way or another.

Call Town & Country Plumbing today at (760) 744-8672 for professional faucet repair, anywhere in the North County.

Need a new faucet?

If you’re faucet’s old, worn and not worth the cost of repair, have it replaced with a new, high-quality, brand-name model.

Faucet repair services:

Kitchen Faucets

Diagnose and repair broken or leaking kitchen faucets, replace parts and improve performance.

Bathroom Faucets

Have your Bathroom faucets inspected, serviced and repaired, replace cartridges, aerators, and more.

Shower Faucets

Improve the quality of your tub and shower faucets by replacing valves, trim sets and shower heads.