Toilet Service

If you need toilet service of any kind, Town & Country Plumbing offers a full range of professional toilet services, including maintenance, repair, rebuilds and replacements. We can get your old toilet working like new again, or install a new, high-quality, name-brand toilet that will brighten up and improve your entire bathroom.

You should call for toilet service if you’re having any of these problems:

• Toilet leaks
• Running toilets
• Poor flushing
• Broken seats or handles
• Clogged toilets

Our experienced plumbers can identify your toilet problems quickly, and repair them on the spot. We also carry a variety of name-brand toilets and offer same-day service on most installs, in case replacement turns out to be a better option.

We’ve provided fast, professional toilet service to the North County area for over 40 years—no one does a better job with toilet repair and replacement!

Call (760) 744-8672 for quick, professional toilet service and say goodbye to your toilet problems for good!

Choose one of our toilet services:


Diagnose and repair broken toilets, stop leaks, replace parts and improve flush performance.


Have your old toilet removed, hauled away and replaced with a new, high-performance model.


Find out what’s causing your toilet to back up or flush poorly and have the problem resolved.