Toilet Repair

While most toilets are simple in design, they contain a number of important parts that could, if worn or damaged, prevent your toilet from working properly. Town & Country’s toilet repair service can identify almost any toilet problem you’re having and fix it fast—usually within minutes. We service and repair all major toilet brands and models, and are one of the lowest-cost toilet repair services in the county.

You should have your toilet inspected if:

• It leaks from the tank, bowl or connection 
• It doesn’t flush properly or won’t flush at all
• It runs or refills itself frequently
• There are any loose or broken parts
• It wobbles or moves when sat on

Whatever the problem, we’ll diagnose it quickly and restore your toilet to proper working order. We specialize in all areas of toilet repair—from general maintenance to complete toilet rebuilds. We also offer same day service anywhere in the North County.

What's wrong with your toilet?

Leaking water: If water’s leaking from your toilet, chances are its either a bad seal or connection somewhere on the toilet, or a crack in the tank or bowl. Seals can be replaced and connections restored, but cracks can’t be repaired. Toilet leaks should be inspected as soon as possible to avoid further problems.

Poor flushing: At some point, your toilet may begin to flush poorly, or fail to flush altogether. Most flush problems have something to do with the toilets flush valve, water level adjustment or an obstruction in the toilets trap or drain. In most cases, any of these problems can be identified and repaired quickly.

Running or refilling: Toilets that run or refill often most likely have one of two problems: either there’s a leak somewhere on the tank or there’s a problem with the toilet’s fill valve. Normally, both of these problems are easy to diagnose and repair.

Broken parts: Toilet handles, toilet seats and any one of your toilets internal parts can break with age or excessive use. Fortunately, most toilet parts are either repairable or replaceable, even with older model toilets. Any broken parts on your toilet should be repaired or replaced as soon as possible to avoid further damage.

Loose or wobbly: If your toilet moves or wobbles when sat on, it’s probably not attached properly to the floor. This could be caused by missing, broken or corroding mounting bolts, or it could be a problem with your closet flange, which is located beneath the toilet. In either case, the toilet will have to be removed in order to repair the problem.

If you’re having any kind of problem with your toilet, Call Town & Country Plumbing at (760) 744-8672 for fast, affordable toilet repair service.