We at Town & Country Plumbing Repair believe in building and maintaining a following of loyal customers by consistently offering and providing quality and affordable plumbing service. From top to bottom, we make the extra effort in ensuring a satisfied customer results at the end of every job. After all, what makes more sense, depending solely on advertising, which is incredibly expensive, or continuing to work for the same customers over and over, slowly adding their referred friends, neighbors and relatives over the years? Whenever our workmen enter your home or business, they are trained to always treat your property and its contents with the utmost care and respect.

About Us - Town and Country Plumbing Repair

Family Owned and Operated Plumbing Company

We use quality materials, always trying to maintain an affordable cost for whomever we are working. Our workmanship is outstanding and we always try to keep demolition and its resulting repairs to a minimum. We all try to always bring a cheerful attitude and a clean efficient personal touch to anything we do for our customers. Please consider these intangibles when considering whom you choose for your next plumbing project; many times they turn out to be more important to the final result than the bid price.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and hopefully it will influence in some part your decision to use our company.Town & Country Plumbing Repair is committed to providing high-quality, efficient plumbing repair service at an affordable cost. Let’s face it, all plumbing repair work is expensive, but compared with today’s contemporary high-profile, volume driven plumbing companies, Town & Country’s plumbing repair prices are consistently 20-50% and sometimes more, lower. More importantly, 80% of all new jobs are repeat customers and referrals. The Tanners pride themselves on the unblemished record of Town & Country Plumbing Repair’s long-standing state contractor’s license, CA C-36 #382814.

In this age of commissioned, high-pressure sales tactics, Town & Country Plumbing Repair offers another option, providing seasoned,
vastly experienced, extremely qualified journeyman plumbers in contrast to the typical franchise’s “service techs” who are mostly handyman/salesmen with little plumbing experience, working on commission.

In conclusion, Town & Country Plumbing Repair looks forward to serving your plumbing service needs and welcomes any questions you might have concerning the company’s policies and procedures, otherwise not mentioned here. Thank you for considering Town & Country Plumbing Repair, we will work hard to live up to your expectations.