San Diego County’s water has more chlorine than the typical swimming pool. Chlorine and other additives called “binders” ensure you will not be sickened by drinking tap water (if you can stand the taste). Many people believe that highly chlorinated water is unhealthy, even if you can get past the idea of drinking Clorox. Yes, you can buy bottled water but did you know that a ten minute shower causes your body to absorb as much chlorine and other additives as 8 glasses of tap water? You can buy shower head filters that have to be replaced periodically (which most people forget to do and end up showering in tap water, anyway), or install a water filter that delivers bottle water quality water to every fixture in the house at a cost of .003 cents a gallon. The units we use are maintenance free and deliver a million and one half gallons of bottled water quality water before any service is required. If you have a water softener you are no doubt aware of the deteriorating effect they have on water heaters and other plumbing system components…not to mention you can’t drink the water. It is strongly recommended that anyone with a water softener consider replacing it with a whole house water filter.

Why Challenger as opposed to the other water filter companies?

challengerWould you go to a physician’s assistant if you had to have heart surgery or would you go to a cardiologist? When dealing with the plumbing system in your home, do you want to trust a handyman or specialty installer to properly size your system and then do a professional job cutting, soldering and installing your whole house filter?

At Challenger we only deal with licensed and bonded plumbers like Town and Country Plumbing who are qualified to diagnose your water issues, size the system according to your needs, cut into your plumbing system and address any other issues that may be associated with your plumbing and water. 

Town and Country Plumbing is qualified to customize a system for your particular concerns and needs. Do you ask a paralegal to represent you in court or do you hire an attorney? The choice is crystal clear, Challenger Water Filters installed by Town and Country Plumbing.


Hard water is loaded with impurities that react with soap to form a gummy, insoluble curd. This soap curd clings stubbornly to everything it touches. The ring around a bathtub is curd. Curd causes hair to become dull and hard to manage. Soap curd clogs skin pores and prevents natural oils from moisturizing the skin. This dryness causes itching and can even aggravate skin conditions like psoriasis, eczema and acne. Soap curd forms a scummy film on dishes, glassware, walls and floors, too.

Hardness and other dissolved solids combine to form the residue seen as spots on glasses, crockery, cutlery and shower enclosures. With hard water in your washing machine, it’s almost impossible get clothes white—even with large amounts of detergent and bleach. Minerals and insoluble particles in hard water trap dirt and soap curd in the fabric of your clothes and linens. These deposits give fabric that dull gray ‘washed out’ look and cause the clothing fibers to deteriorate faster. Hard water imparts an undesirable taste to your food. Tea, coffee and other drinks prepared with hard water taste awful and often contain flakes of insoluble hardness minerals. 

Perhaps the greatest damage done by hard water can’t be easily seen until it is too late: water heaters, humidifiers, boilers and household pipes become lined with an increasingly thick layer of calcium and magnesium scale. As this builds up, the water flow in pipes often diminishes to such a point that you have no choice but to replace the pipe. Scale inside a water heater forms an insulating layer that prevents the burners or heating elements from heating the water efficiently. Just one-eighth inch of scale inside the tank can require as much as 30 percent more fuel to heat the water to the desired temperature.

Earth’s water is constantly in movement. Water evaporates from the earth’s surface into the atmosphere and eventually falls back to earth as precipitation. On its way from the clouds to your faucet, rainwater dissolves and absorbs a part of almost everything is passes. The falling rain cleans the air as it falls absorbing impurities as it comes down. Carrying the impurities from the air it soaks into the ground collecting additional sediments like rust, sand and algae. Water eventually finds its way to a surface water supply or percolates downward and collects in an aquifer. As it percolates through the earth, the water can further absorb hardness minerals, iron, heavy metals, radioactivity, organic contaminants and many other complex elements and compounds. Water can also collect numerous harmful, man-made chemical impurities throughout this cycle. Some of these synthetic chemicals generally odorless, colorless and tasteless. Some are life-threatening.

There has been a massive global increase in harmful chemical waste over the last 50 years. The long-term effects of more than 70,000 harmful chemicals is unknown.

Approximately 1,000 new synthetic chemical compounds enter the industrial marketplace each and every year. Precipitation falls upon commercial and municipal dump sites, toxic waste sites, industrial refuse depots, military test sites, leach fields, mining operations and farmer’s fields, where it dissolves minute amounts of toxic chemicals and carries them along. The US Government estimated in 1986 that close to two percent of the nation’s groundwater supplies were moderately polluted by sources such as hazardous waste dumps and leaking landfills. Industrial waste water is also a major source of water contamination. When certain chemicals come in contact with others, they create new compounds. Chemicals that are considered generally acceptable in controlled amounts may react with other elements and/or chemicals to form new and unhealthy compounds.

Water treatment plants do what they can to clean up our drinking water but they, too, must add chemicals. Most tap water contains more chlorine than a swimming pool. Studies show that our bodies absorb more chlorine during a 10 minute shower than if you drank 8 glasses of the same water. Children absorb even more than adults.

You and your family deserve the purest water to drink, to bathe in, and to protect your home appliances.

Shouldn’t you consider having a professional install a whole house Challenger filter today?


Our Whole House Water Filter System supplies bottled water quality to your entire home. Your faucets, toilets, showers, baths, kitchen, laundry receive treated water. 

Water enters the filter and is filtered through the granular activated carbon removing chlorine, ammonia, sedimentation, pesticides, and trihalomethanes. Bottled quality water is now flowing from every tap in your home! 

The Control valve automatically backwashes to flush out the carbon bed.  The backwash can be used to water your home’s landscaping so no water is wasted.

All Components are NSF Certified