“I highly—and I mean HIGHLY—recommend Town and Country to anyone with a plumbing need. I had two new toilets installed in March by Andy and John, who were clean, courteous, efficient and downright friendly. Unfortunately, three months later, one of the toilets sprang a small leak that I believed was seeping past the wax ring. I called to have the leak repaired, never suggesting that it should be done free of charge; I just wanted to get the leak fixed. Sam showed up, quickly and cheerfully diagnosed and repaired the leak, then politely refused to accept payment for the work. “Andy and John did nothing wrong,” he said, “but sometimes things like this happen, and our customers should not have to pay for it.” Service of such quality is very difficult to find these days, but Town and Country delivers it with a smile. As far as I am concerned, there are no other plumbers out there.”  Paul Dean

“I was fortunate to have Andy respond to my call regarding what I thought was an under slab leak. Andy quickly determined that the problem was a broken shower drain and repaired it without delay. I’m impressed with Andy’s (and your company’s) honesty and integrity and will call again whenever I have a plumbing problem. Anyone looking for an honest plumbing company should call Town & Country.” Dolores Saunders Rancho Bernardo

“I rarely comment after the fact on any work I have done by a service company. Having said that I want to express my appreciation for the work Sam did installing my new fifty gallon LPG water heater. Sam is a shining example of how a job should be done and his personal appearance and positive attitude were outstanding. I look forward to recommending Town & Country to all my family and friends in the future.” Steve Yoder, Escondido

“Every job that Town & Country has done for me, and there have been many, has been done to perfection. I will continue to refer family and friends. This is a great family business.” Vicki Barclay, Rancho Santa Fe

“I couldn’t be more impressed with the work Lucky Tanner did at my home recently. I’ll be referring everyone I know to your wonderful company.” Ray Leone, Escondido

“I just wanted to let you know that I thought your employee Sam was exceptional. He was very courteous, professional and had a great attitude for servicing his customers. I will use you guys again for all of my plumbing needs and recommend you all to my friends and neighbors.

I was concerned that I had damaged my pump to water heater when it went out. Sam picked up the part as a back up plan, but got the old one running. A not so reputable plumber would have just put on a new one and charged me for the expensive part. It is nice to have honest people with integrity still left in the service industry. Sam patiently showed me how to troubleshoot and get air out of the line if I need to do anything additional, and I appreciate being educated on stuff around my home.” Karen Sherman, Escondido

“Your company has two outstanding representatives in Lucky and Josh. They came today and did some copper re-piping and it was a delight to have them here. I’ve used your company in the past and have never been disappointed with any aspect of your service. I will continue to recommend you to my friends and family.” Luc Goemaere, Rancho Penasquitos

“We’ve had countless workmen come to our home over the years and I’d like to say that Sam is by far the nicest, most efficient and helpful person yet. He addressed and corrected a confusing hot water pressure issue in short order and left the work area exactly as he found it, if not cleaner.” Tom Walker, Escondido

“I continue to be impressed with your company, after the recent replacement of several water closets. Your workmen, as always were clean, efficient, courteous and respectful. I have referred your company to several friends and neighbors, who are also pleased with your company’s service. Just want you to know that we appreciate your company and the way you do business.” Shandra Ramphal, Rancho Santa Fe

“Just wanted to express my appreciation for the work Andy did for us, recently. Such professionalism and efficiency is rare these days. We’ll recommend (as we were) Town & Country to all our friends and customers.” Kent Sunset Nursery, Fallbrook

“I can’t begin to express how impressed I am with Andy. His handling of my plumbing problem was above and beyond anything I expected. Town & Country Plumbing claims to have an 80% repeat business and referral rate…I can see why!” Tina Fleishman, Escondido

“My realtor recommended Town & Country Plumbing Repair, who came and located an underground PVC water service leak. Abel did a fantastic job finding and repairing the difficult to find leak, which turned out to be under an asphalt driveway. I couldn’t be happier with the results and will now recommend them to everyone I know. A truly first-class operation!” Bill Miles, Escondido

“We would like to adopt Sam! He came and quickly resolved a plumbing issue that had troubled us for several days. What a positive, cheerful personality; not to mention his plumbing skills. We love Sam! We love your company!” Nita Fink, Carlsbad/La Costa

“I am very grateful to Town & Country Plumbing Repair for the prompt service and excellent workmanship provided by employee, Rex (Lucky) Tanner on this Saturday at my home. Mr. Tanner was very courteous and professional in his mannerisms. The work & materials were of good quality and completed in an efficient manner. On top of everything else, the cost for this emergency work was very reasonable. It’s refreshing to know that the people of and companies such as Town & Country Plumbing Repair are still around. Good people make a great company. Thank you so much!” Frank Sostrom, San Marcos

“Thank you for sending Sam to replace our 75 gal LPG water heater. We couldn’t be happier with the results; you are fortunate to have someone like him to represent your company. Absolutely the best!” Doug Scott, Olivenhain

“Abel has an uncommon ability (no pun intended) to diagnose and resolve an issue with minimum negative consequences. Happily, he was able to repair and eliminate our ceiling leak without opening a wall or ceiling at a minimum expense to us. We’ll be back!” Kenton Whitehead, Poway

“We are so fortunate your company was recommended by our contractor! We had a potentially dangerous propane gas leak and the problem was fixed swiftly and professionally. You understood the issue and your crew was top-notch. I will easily recommend Town and Country Plumbing Repair to any of my friends! Thanks again,” Susie Warriner, Escondido

“Your crew did a nice job on our re-pipe and I am happy with the work. I have taken photos of the installation. If you need any of them for other prospective clients let me know.” Jerry Davis, Rancho Penasquitos

“Abel efficiently and professionally resolved several plumbing issues at our home recently. We consider Town & Country Plumbing Repair to be “top of the line.” Dean Haskins, Fairbanks Ranch

“Just letting you know how much we appreciated Sam’s resolution to our recent plumbing problem. I am impressed with everyone in your company…keep up the good work. I’ll be calling you for any future plumbing issues.” Mike Seitz, Sabre Springs

“We were very impressed with your company when Sam came and replaced our water heater. He is very conscientious and was careful to leave everything in better condition than when he arrived. It’s good to know your company is there whenever we have a plumbing problem.” Jim Atkinson, Escondido

“Abel and Sam replaced my old water closet with a new Toto Drake. The plumbing underneath had deteriorated and Abel was able (pardon the pun) to resolve the problem with a minimum of costly complications. I am delighted with their mechanical skills and personal acumen; I am recommending them to our HOA and all my friends.” Elle Renshaw, Del Mar

“Abel installed our new water heater and impressed us immensely with his professionalism. We’ll be calling you to do more work in the near future. We couldn’t be more impressed with your company.” Marvin Elamparo, Mira Mesa

“Our sewer mainline backed up at an inopportune time, causing us considerable stress and apprehension. Sam came and cleared the problem with no complications, or extra charges. We are very happy with your service and expertise.” Todd Novacek, Oceanside

“I can’t begin to describe how impressed I was when Sam came and solved my recent plumbing issue. His cheerful attitude and focus was much more than I expected. I will continue to call you whenever I have a plumbing problem and recommend your company to everyone I know.” Carol Faw, Fallbrook

“Abel came and solved a complicated plumbing problem for a fraction of what I anticipated the cost would be. I can’t express how impressed I am with his professionalism and focus. I’ve e-mailed my entire address list to call Town & Country whenever they need a plumbing issue resolved.” Charles Renshaw, Del Mar

“I was very impressed with your technician’s professionalism and mechanical skill when he repaired some piping for me this morning. I will be calling you for plumbing work in the future; thanks for sending a great guy!” James Peterson, Oceanside

“Before the fine professional work that Abel, did this afternoon becomes a distant memory, I just wanted to let you know what a very amiable, conscientious and knowledgeable son you have in Abel to carry-on your family business and his grandfather’s lengthy plumbing legacy. Abel [who is certainly “willing and able”] arrived on-time; he went about his work in a very pleasant, unobtrusive and professional manner, and the bottom line is that in the future I’ll be certain to contact you first for any of our various plumbing needs. Please also be rest assured that I most certainly will recommend your very professional and amicable business demeanor to family, friends and colleagues.” Fred Harden III, Rancho Bernardo

“Your workman installed a new water closet at our home in Carlsbad. We were extremely impressed with his professionalism and positive attitude and commend him (and your company) highly to anyone needing a good plumber.” Paula Brodkin, Carlsbad

“I am an insurance adjuster for Farmer’s Insurance. I recently inspected a claim for one of our customers that had used Town & Country Plumbing Repair to replace some copper piping at her home. I was so impressed with the workmanship and pricing that I took the initiative to call Town & Country and compliment their outstanding effort. I inspect hundreds of jobs each year and I’ve never been as enthusiastic about giving a personal reference as I am with them. We have used Town & Country Plumbing Repair for many years and will continue to do so. Their workmen are professional and experienced and their prices are competitive and reasonable. It is nice to have clean, dependable service techs who can handle our customers’ problems without direct supervision.
Marlene Jack Phillips Properties, Carlsbad; Rafael DaCruz Insurance Adjuster, Farmer’s Insurance Southern CA

Your technician’s repair of our recent plumbing problem was fantastic! We were very impressed with his consideration and professionalism and you can count on us to refer your company to our family & friends.” Mrs. Tim Ulman, Escondido

“Abel did a great job locating a difficult to find PVC leak on a long water service at my property. The repairs were made promptly and we couldn’t be happier with the effectiveness of his work.” Tom Smolan, Escondido

“I was delighted with the work that your company did for me. The workman’s patience and knowledge allowed me to make an important decision about fixture replacement, without the stress I expected. Additionally, his work was flawless and he cleaned up his work area before he gave me the bill.” Julia Yang, Rancho Bernardo

“Town & Country re-piped my hot water system and did an excellent job. Javier managed and performed the work perfectly, efficiently and I couldn’t be more pleased with the job he did. I will recommend T&C to everyone I know.” Bob Mackay, La Costa

“I am so impressed with how nice everyone in your company has been to me. Andy came to my home and replaced my shower valve in the wall. I could hear considerable noise from outside the bathroom and expected to have a big mess to deal with but when he was finished and I inspected his work, you couldn’t tell he had ever been there…except for the shiny new shower valve and shower head. When my friend referred your company I was skeptical of all the wonderful things he said about you, but everything he said was true and I couldn’t be happier with your company and will likewise refer you to all my other friends, too. ” Mary Vento, Escondido, CA

“Twenty years in the military gave me a critical eye toward efficiency, workmanship and attitude. Abel and Lucky Tanner meet my highest standards and I’m proud to have had them diagnose and eliminate my recent slab leak. Town & Country gets my best recommendation and also any future business I can send their way. ” Bill Harding, Escondido, CA

“My water service main line ruptured between the water meter and our house late in the afternoon of the day before a holiday weekend. Andy came out and made a temporary repair so our family could have water for the night and returned with Eddie the next day and replaced a long section of the water service mainline. The cost was reasonable, but aside from that, I couldn’t describe the job they did as anything less than “phenomenal;” when they were finished, the yard landscaping actually looked better than before they began their work! I’ve recommended Town & Country Plumbing Repair to my friends and family over the years and I remain thoroughly impressed by their standards and integrity. ” Bob Sheppard, La Costa

“I was very impressed with the job your plumber did for me recently. His professionalism and communication skills are outstanding; he solved my problem quickly and efficiently at a reasonable price. Thanks Town & Country; you’re my plumber from now on!” Larry S, Sabre Springs

“I’m very pleased with the unique water heater pan installation that your plumber designed and installed, when he replaced my water heater. I’ve used Town & Country in the past and am always impressed with their work and service. ” Lucy Tarin, Sabre Springs

” I always expect quality work and service when I call Town & Country Plumbing Repair and I wasn’t disappointed when your plumber came and resolved several technical plumbing issues that I expected to cost a lot more than he charged. I felt comfortable leaving him to lock up after I had to leave and when I returned all his work areas were spotless and looked better than when he arrived. Needless to say everything he worked on functioned as it did when we first bought the house. I recommend Town & Country to anyone who needs a trustworthy plumber; they get my highest rating! ” Tiina (yes, two “i”s) Short, Escondido

“I had a complicated plumbing problem involving a sewage ejection pump and a sewer leak under a driveway. Gary Tanner advised me to be careful choosing a plumber and when I complied, he sent his son Abel. Mr. Tanner was spot on; Abel wasted no time evaluating the problem and corrected it for a reasonable price in a timely manner. I’m very impressed with the Tanner family and their integrity and focus. Businesses like theirs are rare these days. I’m recommending them to all my friends and family…and neighbors, too.” George Uyeji, Rancho Penasquitos

“Great service! Wow! Our preschool will give your name to all our patrons…another happy customer! ” Cathy Horton, Olivenhain

“I was thoroughly impressed with the job your company did, installing my new water heater, especially after another company came out and couldn’t give me a direct answer on anything I needed. Your office gave me the price over the phone, the workman did the work quickly and efficiently and I couldn’t be happier with the results. Your prices were substantially lower than the other estimates I received and I will recommend you in the future to anyone I know who needs plumbing work. ” James Laird, Carlsbad

“I just want to thank you again for the great service fixing the leak we had in our wall. I was very concerned that there was going to be a lot of water damage before a plumber could get here and it would take days to fix the problem. Your plumber arrived first thing this morning, identified and fixed the leak with a minimum of difficulty, cleaned up before he left, and charged me a reasonable price. You guys are my regular plumbers from now on. Thanks! ” Lewis Gutman, Rancho Bernardo

“I want you to know how impressed I am with the job Lucky did for me on the re-circulating hot water system he installed. His integrity and professionalism are outstanding and I will continue using your company for all my plumbing needs. Honest family businesses like yours are rare in today’s world of franchised, commission driven service companies and for me a breath of fresh air.” Jim Thomas, Poway

“Town and Country is a winner!!

We had a leak in our water system, and spent about a month digging and repairing leaks in the sprinkler system. The leak was still there however, so it was clearly under the house slab. Town and Country’s website had an excellent page on slab leaks, so we called them to come out and find the leak. Andy arrived with his leak detector and found the leak beneath one of the bathrooms. We discussed jack-hammering out the slab to repair the leak, and the probability of another leak later in our 50 year old house. We also discussed re-piping the whole house to eliminate future problems. We decided to go all the way so that we would be inconvenienced only once.

Andy gave us a fixed price for the job, and said it would take 3-4 days with only one of the days with out water. We agreed and he showed up 2 days later, and started the job. He was very conscientious about any mess or movement of belongings, put down tarps and plastic to keep things clean, and cleaned up (replacing things that had been moved) at the end of each day. Necessary holes in the walls to allow installation of the new pipes were minimal. Raul and Eddie came in to help Andy, and they all worked hard (a unique commodity these days) to get the job done. The job proceeded as advertised (even though a record high temperature occurred making work in the attic very difficult), and there were no attempts to increase the price with “add-ons”. There were no leaks in the new piping (over 50 joints). The dry-wall contractor that Andy recommended came in the next day and filled the holes so well that after painting, you could not tell that there had been holes.

From my experience with refrigeration copper piping work 50 years ago, I know that the quality of Andy’s work was excellent. He also thought ahead to make each branch as simple and clean as possible – quality work!

So we are completely satisfied with what Andy, Raul, and Eddie did. They did quality work, on schedule, for the quoted price, with no hassles and much consideration to minimize the customer’s inconvenience. It was encouraging to know that there are still honest people doing quality work in the business world.

Thanks Town & County Plumbing! ” Sherry Lopez and Lou Johnson, Cardiff

“Thank you for your prompt scheduling and for taking the trouble to come on short notice when one of my many “surprises” popped up. Lucky, your honesty, knowledge and patience were a blessing during a very crazy time.” Christie Browne, Escondido

“I called 3 different plumbers describing the water service leak in my yard. Town and Country gave me the lowest bid on the phone and could start immediately. When they arrived to do the work and make the “official” estimate, it did not change from the phone estimate. They completed the retrenching and re-piping of my water service completely and professionally within the time estimate, answered all my questions fully, and left my yard looking nearly untouched by the time they left. I have already recommended them to a friend.” Keith Sherwood, Rancho Penasquitos / San Diego

“I read with interest the water heater article on your website and was helped immensely. What impressed me more was the professional and efficient manner in which the water heater I bought from you was installed. I indeed did have a water heater (bought from a major appliance outlet) with an impossible warranty that was still in effect; I’ll never make that mistake again! As frustrating as it all was, you guys made it as painless as possible.” Martin Sandoval, Oceanside CA

“I have known Gary, Daisy, their boys and their company Town & Country Plumbing for many years. I knew Pappy and even had the pleasure of seeing him and the boys working on jobsites. For years I sold them plumbing supplies in my capacity as General Manager of a plumbing supply house. Their professionalism, character, standards of quality and fairness are exemplary in the industry.” Don D. Scott former General Manager, Service Pipe and Supply, Co., Inc., Escondido, CA

“I was very impressed with Town & Country’s skill and professionalism when Abel came to my home to make several plumbing repairs. They had been highly recommended to me and they exceeded all my hopes and expectations. I will recommend them in the future to all my friends and family.” Adele Dolansky. Oceanside.

“I used Town & Country for all my plumbing work as a maintenance supervisor for many years at Seascape Sur luxury condominiums in Solana Beach. They are the most qualified and knowledgeable plumbers with which I have had the privilege to work. Lucky, Abel, Andy and Zane are master plumbers and can handle big jobs and small. I continue to use their services as a local contractor. They are absolutely the best!” Tom Richards, Escondido.

“Abel is terrific! He brought a clean, efficient crew and did a job another company had started and had been dismissed and completed everything for half the price. I wouldn’t dream of using anyone but Town & Country and I refer them to everyone I know.” Maureen Ward,Oceanside

“I have used the Tanners on several jobs over the years and am always impressed by their efficiency and workmanship. Their good humor and cheerfulness add to all their other positive qualities and I have never been disappointed with anything they’ve done for me.” Rick Cooper/Advanced Global Engineering, San Marcos

“Lucky came and diagnosed a complicated re-piping issue and completed the repairs sooner than we expected. I was impressed by his professionalism and personal integrity. I’m impressed with Town & Country Plumbing Repair in every way. Call them if you have a plumbing problem!” Mike Biele, Escondido

“Town & Country Plumbing Repair has pulled me out of numerous jams over the years. You can count on them to diagnose and solve whatever plumbing problem you might encounter. I always feel confident that they will handle any plumbing emergency with which our company is encountered, even when I’m out of town and am not there to make an “executive decision.” Lucky, Abel, Andy, Zane…all of them have done exemplary work for us.” Scott Slate (Scott Slate Properties), Escondido

“We have been very satisfied with your company’s knowledgeable and helpful staff. We had many other choices for the water system but I feel as though we have a good relationship with your company and I feel extremely comfortable with your staff. Thank you.” Lisa Gillespie, Rancho Santa Fe

“We have used Town & Country Plumbing Repair for many, many years. You can always depend on them to diagnose and solve any plumbing problem you might have at a fair and reasonable cost. We have used other companies in the past, but no one has equaled the overall quality of service and integrity of Town & Country; we give them our highest recommendation.” Margie Crane/Dave Stubbs Realty & Property Management Services Solana Beach, CA

“I consider Town & Country Plumbing Repair to be trustworthy and reliable. They have done many jobs for me and always give me value for my money. You can count on their honesty and integrity. I wouldn’t use anyone else!” Christine Lombardo, Vista

“Andy and the rest of the Tanner boys are the best plumbers in the area. I’ve used them for years and recommend them to everyone I know.” Tom Black, Encinitas