Shower Faucet Repair

If you’re shower faucet is damaged, leaking or just not working the way it’s supposed to, we can identify the problem quickly and make the necessary repairs to get it working like new again. Shower faucet repair is the best way to avoid a valve replacement, which can be costly. Most shower problems can be resolved with service and/or parts replacement, in under a few hours.

We can repair almost any tub or shower problem you’re having:

• Broken or missing handles
• Low or uneven water pressure
• Loose or hard to turn handles
• Any kind of leak or loose connection
• Bathtub shower diverter not working

Fixing your bath and shower problems is a rewarding investment. It will instantly improve the overall quality and value of your bathroom and make bathing a more convenient and enjoyable experience. Everyone in the household will notice and appreciate the improvement.

If you’re ready to put your bath and shower problems behind you, call us today to schedule service. Our knowledgeable plumbers can troubleshoot and repair all types of shower faucets; even special-order models and rare or out of production models. If your shower faucet can’t be repaired or its not worth the cost, we offer complete tub and shower valve replacement.

Call Town & Country Plumbing at (760) 744-8672 to have your shower faucets inspected and repaired by a professional, anywhere in the North County.