PEX Tubing for Re-routes and Re-pipes

Pex Tubing (cross-linked polyethylene) is a newer material designed specifically for use in residential plumbing systems. It’s often used in place of copper for supplying water to the various fixtures and appliances within a home. It can be used to connect faucets, tubs and showers, toilets, water heaters and anything else that uses running water. It’s commonly used in re-routes and re-pipes.

PEX tubing has some considerable advantages over copper:

• It’s cheaper than copper
• It’s faster and easier to install
• It resistant to corrosion

PEX pipe is costs about a third of the price of copper tubing, which makes a big difference in the overall cost of re-routes and re-pipes, or any other project involving pipe installation and repair. You’ll typically use less material with PEX because it bends and flexes, providing more efficient routing options than copper. And because it’s easier and faster to install, it typically costs less in service if you’re having your whole house re-piped. In short, cost and longevity are the main advantages of using PEX tubing.

If you’re having continuous slab leaks, or if your water quality is slowing corroding and damaging your water lines, PEX tubing is an option worth considering. Call today if you’d like to know more about PEX pipe or you have questions about re-routes or whole-house re-pipes.

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