Having sewer problems or frequent back-ups? Call Town & Country Plumbing for professional sewer camera inspection services. We’re San Diego’s most recommended company for drain inspection, service and repair because of our fast, efficient service and very low rates.

Sewer camera inspection makes it possible to see inside your home’s drainage system to check its overall condition and identify any potential problem areas. It will help your plumber determine the exact location of any breaks in the line, routing problems or obstructions that are causing drainage problems and frequent back-ups.

Camera inspections normally take less than a few hours and are an inexpensive way to address problems that can end up costing you again and again if not resolved.

Call Town & Country Plumbing today at (760) 744-8672 To schedule a sewer camera inspection in North County or for more information about slow drains or back-ups.

A professional plumber conducting sewer camera inspection services.

“When my friend referred your company I was skeptical of all the wonderful things he said about you, but everything he said was true and I couldn’t be happier with your company and will likewise refer you to all my other friends, too. ”
Mary Vento, Escondido