Backed-up Toilet Service

If you’re having problems with a backed-up toilet, it’s helpful to know the cause of the back-up, and the exact location of the problem. Since this is not always easy to determine, having someone experienced in toilet stoppages diagnose and resolve the problem is highly recommended. Rarely does a backed-up toilet clear up on its own; you will probably need to have the drain line inspected and serviced by a professional.

Our plumbers are experts in drain stoppages of all kinds, including the quick diagnosis and repair of backed-up toilets. We offer same-day service for severe back-ups to get your toilet up and running again fast, for considerably less than what most drain cleaning services are charging.

You should call for toilet stoppage service if:

• Your toilet suddenly stops flushing properly
• The water level in your toilet rises when flushed
• Your toilet bubbles or gurgles when water is running
• Other fixtures in the house back up when a toilet is flushed

Avoiding a backed-up toilet, using chemicals to treat the problem or using any kind of object to try to clear the drain can lead to further complications and cost you more time and money. We use only state of the art equipment and have some of the most skilled and experienced plumbers in the county to solve your toilet problems as fast and efficiently as possible.

If you’re having continuous problems with toilet stoppages, we offer professional sewer camera service to get an inside look of your drainage system to identify and resolve the problem once and all.

Put an end to your toilet stoppages for good—call Town & Country Plumbing at (760) 744-8672 for fast, professional drain cleaning service, anywhere in the North County.