A Safe Drain Cleaning Solution

Now to be honest, a properly sized, installed and maintained plumbing drain will self-scour and not need regular mechanical cleaning. Flat spots (no grade), reverse grade sections and sags, however, will cause solids to build up and sometimes obstruct flow. Additionally, old cast iron drain lines eventually deteriorate and begin to collect solids from passing waste. We have found Bio-Clean to be an excellent product for reducing and eliminating this build-up, although physical repair/replacement is the ultimate solution.

Every year people spend MILLIONS OF DOLLARS on products that can’t solve their plumbing problems!

But what if there were a product that not only REMOVED the cause of the problems, but did it in a SAFE, EFFECTIVE and ECONOMICAL MANNER?

That product would be BIO-CLEAN!


Bio Clean Drain Cleaner

Bio Clean Drain Cleaner