REVERSE OSMOSIS UNITSReverse osmosis system

Reverse Osmosis units have been used for many years to purify chlorinated and bad tasting water. In the past they may have provided a reasonable alternative to other methods of water treatment. However, over the years several negatives have emerged that for all intents and purposes makes them obsolete. Perhaps the most noteworthy is the fact that this process removes all minerals from the water it treats. Drinking distilled water over a period of time, causes leaching of the minerals from the body, which many in the medical field find harmful to the body’s health. Secondly, for every gallon of purified water an RO system delivers, several gallons are wasted to accommodate the purification process. Another negative on RO systems is the need for regular testing and maintenance, without which you can be using a system that isn’t working properly, or at all. Finally, an RO system with its light plastic piping, combined with high local water pressure, creates a serious potential for leaks and flooding. With the advent of whole house filters it is now possible to deliver bottled water quality water to every fixture at a much lower cost and little or no maintenance. It has been proved that showering in chlorinated water causes the body to absorb as much chlorine as eight glasses of chlorinated tap water through absorption by the skin and breathing its steam in hot showers. Should you be interested in a high-quality, reasonably priced, maintenance-free water treatment unit, we would be pleased to show you our new line of water filters and give you an estimate of its cost for your particular situation.