Making Water at Home Safe

I was unhappy when I was advised that our water would be fluoridated. After many years of skepticism, I had found and began using a whole house water filter that I felt comfortable recommending to my friends and family. Early models required maintenance, which meant if you neglected to maintain the filter, you ended up with tap water anyway, so I didn’t sell them. The carbon filter I use delivers one and one-half million gallons of bottle-water-quality water before any maintenance is required. The cost of my water went from 40 to 60 (or more) cents per gallon at the store to .003 cents per gallon. It did not take long to pay for my whole house filter from the savings. That was fine until the bureaucrats changed our water.

Politicians and bureaucrats decided that children’s teeth should be hardened by adding fluoride to our tap water. Apart from the arbitrary manner in which this was done, the most outrageous aspect of this policy is that fluoride doesn’t harden teeth from the bloodstream but rather by coming into direct contact with teeth. To make sure that little Johnny gets enough fluoride on his teeth the government added it to our water. Is this a health risk? There are many contrasting viewpoints regarding the subject of fluoridation. Personally, I prefer to avoid it much like General Jack D. Ripper in the film Dr. Strangelove. Since no whole house filter I knew could remove fluoride it was time to do more research for a solution.

I set out to find alternatives. Here is the result of my research. I checked out many bottled water services. As one example, Arrowhead’s website states that their spring water, which is additionally filtered through a carbon filter like the one I use only much larger, can randomly contain fluoride in amounts that I feel may be high enough to permanently damage teeth. Other water companies that I researched use water that has been purified by reverse osmosis; this does remove fluoride but it also removes all the minerals in the water. I am concerned that reverse osmosis water may draw minerals out of my body. I never sold or recommended reverse osmosis units in the past for this reason. Where did I find fluoride-free water? As it turns out, in the area in which I live there is a local company that draws fluoride-free spring water, filters it through a carbon filter and delivers it to your home. That was my solution. I now had fluoride-free spring water delivered to my door without resorting to reverse osmosis. This is at least one other way: you can use an expensive pre-filter that removes most of the fluoride, but regular maintenance is required and the water must be tested periodically to make sure that it is working.

This is the bottom line:

  • Use a whole house carbon water filter to remove chlorine and binders to protect your skin, your hair, your home’s copper piping, and your plumbing fixtures. Your goldfish will not die if you put this filtered tap water into her bowl and, if you are one of those who view fluoridation in a positive way, this water will fulfill your needs and you have your solution.
  • If, like me, you are distrustful of fluoridation and reverse osmosis, you will also need to look for a local supplier of spring water to drink that is not fluoridated. You will need both a whole house filter and a local source of drinking water.

Gary R. Tanner
Owner – Town and Country Plumbing

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