Water Heater Replacement: Is it time?

Water heater replacement is one of our most widely used services. Between high water pressure and hard water conditions, water heaters in San Diego County are constantly subject to internal stress, corrosion, and other factors that can lead to malfunctions or leaks. These conditions shorten the life of your water heater and increase the need for service, repair and replacement.

When should I have my water heater checked?

Keeping an eye on your water heater and becoming familiar with its general condition is the best way to spot a potential problem and avoid a plumbing emergency. You should have your water heater inspected by a plumber as soon as possible if:

  • There is water leaking from anywhere on or around the unit
  • You smell gas anywhere near the water heater
  • The water heater won’t light or fails to stay lit
  • You’re having issues with water temperature or water pressure
  • You notice rust, limescale or corrosion on the unit or any of its parts
  • Your water heater is making unusual noises
  • Your water heater is 7 years old or older

My water heater is leaking. What does that mean?

Leaking caused by a ruptured tank cannot be repaired. You’ll know you have a ruptured tank if water is leaking from within the tank housing near the top or bottom of your water heater. Some leaks start out small but get worse over time. A small leak can quickly turn into a flood situation and cause a great amount of damage to your home and property. If you think you might have a ruptured tank you should immediately stop water service to the unit at the nearest shutoff valve and call an experienced plumber. A plumber can determine right away, whether or not you need water heater replacement.

Leaking from supply lines, connections, pressure relief valve, or drain valve can often be repaired. Seals, gaskets, and other sensitive parts wear out and deteriorate under high pressure and hard water conditions over time. An experienced plumber can troubleshoot these issues and determine if they are indeed repairable.

While some water heater problems are correctable, repair isn’t always advisable. Repairing a water heater that has reached the end of its lifespan is not recommended.

My pilot light won’t stay lit.

If your water heater won’t stay lit, doesn’t seem to burn or heat properly or it won’t light at all, this could mean several things:

  • a problem with the igniter
  • burner assembly issues
  • an obstruction in the gas or ventilation system

Most of the time these problems are correctable but you’ll need an experienced plumber to determine the cause.

I smell gas.

Turn off the gas at the water heater and call Town and Country Plumbing Repair immediately.

When should I repair or replace my water heater?

When contemplating repairs, it’s important to consider the age of your water heater before making any decisions. The average life of a water heater in San Diego County is 7 to 10 years. You should think about water heater replacement if your unit is within or near this range. Even with new parts and regular service, an aging water heater can rupture and begin to leak unexpectedly.

How can I maintain my water heater?

  • Yearly flushing (tank) or descaling (tankless)
  • Replace anode rods (recommended replacement 3-5 years)
  • Maintain ideal water pressure in your home
  • Install a whole-house water filtration system

If you need water heater replacement or water heater repair call us today at (760) 744-8672 to schedule an inspection or to ask questions about our services.