Our Pricing Policy

Over the years the traditional time and material, plus travel, time method of pricing plumbing service has been gradually replaced by the flat-rate system. As plumbing systems and practices have become more modern and universal and traffic has become more of a factor in travel time, it has become prudent and possible to give a customer an up-front price for a conventional, predictable job. Replacing water heaters, pressure regulators, etc. are generally priced before the work begins. We don’t have a problem discussing our prices over the phone.

Beware of companies that will not and insist that a technician be sent to your home to evaluate the situation. Many of these “techs” as they are nowadays referred to, instead of plumbers, are more schooled, experienced and proficient in the technique of salesmanship, than in the plumbing trade. Our workmen are trained by our company and have legitimate and extensive plumbing qualifications in new construction as well as repair and service work. Be aware that the costs of yellow page advertising, liability insurance, worker’s compensation insurance, trucks, equipment, rent, gasoline, office personnel, health insurance, truck stock and many, many other costs, are factored into the final price. Our prices are competitive and fair and usually much lower than the competition, still, it costs a lot of money to put a qualified journeyman plumber at your door and we have to charge accordingly to stay in business.

We feel comfortable with our prices and confident they are among the lowest of qualified, licensed, insured and bonded plumbers who operate in the North San Diego County area. Town & Country Plumbing Repair is committed to providing high-quality, efficient plumbing repair service at an affordable cost. Let’s face it, all plumbing repair work is expensive, but compared with today’s contemporary high-profile, volume-driven plumbing companies, Town & Country’s plumbing repair prices are consistently20-50% and sometimes more, lower. More importantly, 80% of all new jobs are repeat customers and referrals. The Tanners pride themselves on the unblemished record of Town & Country Plumbing Repair’s long-standing state contractor’s license, CA C-36 #382814. In this age of commissioned, high-pressure sales tactics, Town & Country Plumbing Repair offers another option, providing seasoned, vastly experienced, extremely qualified journeyman plumbers in contrast to the typical franchise’s “service techs” who are mostly handyman/salesmen with little plumbing experience, working on commission. In conclusion, Town & Country Plumbing Repair looks forward to serving your plumbing service needs and welcomes any questions you might have concerning the company’s policies and procedures, otherwise not mentioned here. Thank you for considering Town & Country Plumbing Repair, we will work hard to live up to your expectations.

If you have any questions about plumbing repair or you’d like to request a plumber, call Town & Country Plumbing Repair at (760) 744-8672. We offer free estimates and a quality guarantee with all our work.