Upgraded Plumbing Fixtures

As plumbing systems and fixtures have become more sophisticated over the years, a variety of manufacturers from this country and Europe have designed and developed special and sometimes unique plumbing fixtures and faucets to meet the demands of a discerning public. Because of the vast variety of these products, it is impossible to carry a stock of this type of repair parts and replacement items on service trucks, or in our warehouse. In fact, even wholesale plumbing suppliers are reluctant to invest much money in this type of stock, when the demand is so sporadic and inconsistent.

This poses a problem for those who have these fixtures in their homes, as well as plumbing service companies such as ours. Many times it isn’t obvious the manufacturer’s brand of the malfunctioning faucet is. Sometimes we have to photograph the faucet, or take a portion of the trim into the parts house, to identify the manufacturer and model. Often parts have to be ordered and delivery takes 2-6 weeks. Our service men are efficient at this process and diagnosis, but it can become rather involved and costly, as we must charge for this service.

One option, for a customer, is to photograph and/or remove the trim and take it to a company like “The Faucet Factory” and purchase the parts, thus avoiding the expense of having our men do it. We don’t have a problem with coming back and properly installing the parts, or new replacement fixtures. And of course, we’re more than willing to provide this service at our normal rates.

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